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Tips & Tricks 35
Making a Fish's Back
Testing Resin for Water
Pouring Resin Under the Dock
Gel Medium VS Mod Podge
Texturing Using Epoxy
Using UV Cure Glue
Tips & Tricks 34
Half timber and panel molds.
House building principles.
Steps in planning your house.
Painting instructions.
Gluing on timbers.
Finished photos.
Tips & Tricks 33
About the #263 rubble block mold.
Rubble block building methods.
What do I do with the backside?
Rubble and plank painting.
Tips & Tricks 32
About the #340 sandbag mold.
About the #222 and #223
trench plank molds.

Trench System by Dan Moreno.
My crooked trench pieces.
Making corrugated tin.
Tips & Tricks 31
Carving rock faces.
Preparing the dirt.
Gluing on ground cover.
Applying hair spray.
Tips & Tricks 30
Large format prints.
Changing the map size.
Black and white maps.
Color maps.
Guide sheets.
Tips & Tricks 29
How to use mold #57.
How to use mold #58.
How to use mold #59.
Tips & Tricks 28
How to use mold #276.
How to use mold #279.
How to use mold #325.
How to make hazard strips.
Making a game table top.
Tips & Tricks 27
Making easy windmill sails.
Making fancy windmill sails.
Adding an electric motor.
Tips & Tricks 26
How to use mold #320.
How to use mold #321.
Modern plant finishing instructions.
Abandoned plant finishing instructions.
Tips & Tricks 25
How to use mold #88.
Dry brushing templates.
Making glue and ooze.
Making bushes and stones.
Making the "buck".
Making gelatinous cubes.
Tips & Tricks 24
Finishing the river sections.
Making the plank bridge.
Making crystal piles.
Finishing various accessories.
Tips & Tricks 23
The easiest way to use mold #75.
What is on mold #75.
Making removable sections.
Combining molds #70 and #75.
Tips & Tricks 22
How to assemble mold #83.
How to assemble mold #84.
Sample layouts using the molds.
Tips & Tricks 21
How to assemble mold #81.
How to assemble mold #82.
Sample layouts using the molds.
Tips & Tricks 20
Painted Descent miniatures.
Painting doors.
Painting chests and coin piles.
Painting planks and making bridges.
Tips & Tricks 19
Adding colored panels to doors.
Painting and anchoring Med Lab beds.
Making a stasis tube.
Painting pipes, conveyors
and diamond plate.

Painting doors, barrels and crates.
Making a plastic strip railing.
Covering pipes with plastic.
Tips & Tricks 18
Starship painting overview.
Floor painting technique.
Adding colored plastic to windows.
Tips & Tricks 17
Making a secret door using mold #96.
Using cotton swabs for antiquing.
Planning dungeon waterways.
Pouring and texturing water.
Making water for fountains.
Tips & Tricks 16
Making antique foil doors.
Making your own designs.
Copying designs from books.
Making a sand textured roof.
Carving a sand textured base.
Tips & Tricks 15
How to use mold #41.
How to use mold #42.
How to use mold #43.
How to use mold #44.
Making water for fountains and pools.
Tips & Tricks 14
How to add water to the gothic fountain.
Making a hole in the gothic floor.
Making a puddle of water on the floor.
Making an open grave.
Making a secret entrance.
Tips & Tricks 13
How make reusable measuring cups.
Making dead trees.
Making piles of dug up earth.
Building the Gothic Graveyard.
Tips & Tricks 12
How to use mold #164.
Painting small parts.
Floor tile patterns.
Tips & Tricks 11
Skematic pyramid painting tips.
Skematic floor tile painting tips.
Plastic tubes for cryo chambers.
Using resin for specimen tubes.
Adding battery powered light.
Printed control panels.
Tips & Tricks 10
Principles of painting futuristic models.
Futuristic finishing techniques.
Tips & Tricks 9
Designing Rocky Landscapes.
Making a Clay Practice Model.
Carving The Hill.
Adding the Finishing Touches.
Tips & Tricks 8
Easy sand texturing.
Advanced sand texturing.
Making palm trees.
Tips & Tricks 7
Making the Warlock House base.
Making and using a rock mold.
Making an Autumn tree.
Finishing the Warlock House base.
Tips & Tricks 6
Building and using a form.
Making a rock hill.
Making a fountain.
Tips & Tricks 5
Using mold #230 for clay tile roofs.
Using mold #245 for slate roofs.
Using mold #240 for wood roofs.
Making a small crypt.
Tips & Tricks 4
Making a Fire for the Forge.
Making a Fire for a Fireplace.
Making Raised Images.
Tips & Tricks 3
Making Computer Printed Doors.
Easy Stained Glass Windows.
Window Tracery.
Making a Foam Rock Face.
Making a Wrought Iron Fence.
Making a Gate from Epoxy Gel.
Finishing the Fence.
Tips & Tricks 2
Using the cobblestone mold #210.
Making a dungeon diorama.
Making torches.
Making a textured door.
Making a portcullis.
Adding moss.
Tips & Tricks 1
Making a wood shingled roof.
Making a door.
Making terrain for the bridge.
Painting a stone texture floor.
Angled walls and walkways.