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How to see the scale of the molds

When looking over the molds you may wonder if the size of the blocks will work for your project. Here is the best way to determine if the blocks from a mold will work for you.

Each mold listing has a panel with a line sketch of the blocks. Clicking on this panel will open up a PDF file. Print this file out on your computer.

After printing you will notice that there are several dimensions printed on the page. Measure these with a ruler just to make sure that they are fairly close to the measurement printed on the page.

The size may not be perfect but it should be fairly close to actual size.

Measuring the sketch

Next, lay your figures down next to this printed sheet. Now it will be easy to tell if the blocks or arches from this mold will fit the figures you want to build a model for.

Keep in mind that buildings use blocks of all sizes. The main thing that determines scale are the window and door size. If you want to make buildings for 54mm scale figures (which are roughtly twice the size of what I show on this site) then look for something like a bridge mold with a large arch. This large arch could be used for a 54mm doorway instead.

Comparing figures to sketch