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Game Description

Wayward Introduction VideoWayward is a "choose your own adventure" style of game for 1-6 players where you race to collect the most gold before the guards sound the alarm and try to trap you in the dungeon forever! Play time takes about 15 minutes per player so a four-player game would take about an hour.

There are many ways to collect gold such as battling in the fighting pit, stealing from the king's treasure room, digging up graves or slugging your way through the bar brawl. Avoid the river squid or he may take your items! The risks you take can pay off with great rewards - or losses.

Items you pick up help you push past guards, pass through hazards, open locked doors and increase your luck at collecting treasure. See if you can discover the best path to winning the game and escaping the dungeon!

Photo Gallery

Here are some photos from the Wayward game maps and pieces. There are 2 maps printed on both sides of a durable vinyl sheet. These maps measure 24" x 36". Click on each photo to see a larger size version of it.

Game Rules

I have included a PDF of the rulebook for the game along with videos for each section. Although the rule book is very clear, sometimes it's easier to understand how the rules work when you actually see the pieces moving on the board.

VideoSetting up the game (page 2).
VideoUsing action chips (pages 3,4).
VideoItem card, random & cursed items (pages 5, 6).
VideoWeapons and pushing past guards (page 7).
VideoArmor and hazards (page 8).
VideoLock picks and doors (page 9).
VideoTorches and guild tokens (pages 10, 11).
VideoTarot cards and hour glasses (page 12).
VideoDueling other players (page 13).
VideoEnding the game (page 14).
VideoCrossing rickety bridges (page 15).
VideoA - The wishing fountain (page 15).
VideoB - The fighting pit (page 16).
VideoC - The wall of flame (page 16).
VideoD - The watchers (page 17).
VideoE - The dragon's lair (page 17).
VideoF - The coffin room (page 18).
VideoG - The guard room (page 19).
VideoH - The god of gold (page 19).
Videoi - The river squid (page 20).
VideoJ - The grave dig (page 20).
VideoTower next to the river (page 21).
VideoK - Ten up ten down (page 21).
VideoL - The weapons shop (page 21).
VideoM - The catapult ride (page 22).
VideoN - The bounty board (page 22).
VideoO - The inn (page 23).
VideoP - Benny the buyer (page 23).
VideoQ - The king's hoard (page 24).
VideoR - The fountain of luck (page 24).
VideoS - The fried piper (pages 24, 25).
VideoT - The pick pocket (page 25).
VideoU - The tower fire (page 26).
VideoV - Going to jail (page 26,27).
VideoX - The rubbish heap (page 27).
VideoY - The goblin fight (pages 27, 28).

Shipping is Free in the U.S.

We will not ship this game outside of the U.S. because of prohibitively expensive shipping costs.

Wayward is a board game I have created for our own gaming group. I've sculpted and cast all of the game miniatures, drawn and colored the artwork, had all of the printing done locally and assembled every game here at home where we run our mold business.

I have attempted to keep the costs down as much as possible and have only created a run of 1000 copies. Since I have such a small run and have no connection with any game companies, I am not able to offer any discounts on the game.

To order a copy of the game, visit our Online Shopping Cart or send us an e-mail at bruce@hirstarts.com if you want to order using PayPal.

Trying the Game for Free

Below are some PDF files that you can print out on your home printer. However, you will also need some items of your own such as coins (lots of pennies most likely), several hero miniatures and six sided dice.

Map 1Map 2Please note that your printer will not do the map justice!
The colors on my professionally printed maps are much more colorful, have more shading detail and look very much like the color photos above. Here are both maps of the game board which you will have to trim out and tape together. Note: I have updated Map 2 on 8/7/2022. If you have downloaded this map before this date, that copy has mistakes.

Game Rules PDFThis is the rulebook. It has 28 pages and describes the rules of the game.

Player CardsThese are the player cards printed in six different colors.

Reference SheetThis is an easily printable version of the quick reference sheet.

Box Label This is an easily printable version of the box sticker art. You can use this if you want to make a label for your own box.

If you want to take the map and get it printed using a large format printer, you can find the original JPEG files here where I've uploaded them onto google drive. Map 1 and Map 2.

If you want to change the placement of items and gold on the map and you have access to Adobe Photoshop, I have also included the original Photoshop files for both maps on google drive as well. Map 1 Photoshop file and Map 2 Photoshop file.

Making the Wayward Game

Making the Wayward Game

This page may be of interest to those trying to make their own game even if you don't want to try and sell what you create. Here I cover the tools, materials and methods used to create this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated as people start to ask common questions about rules for the game. You can also post questions on our Message Board and view or post opinions about the game.

A Special Thanks To:

Buddy Eichler without whom the main ideas and mechanics of this game would have never come about. And to the rest of our home gaming group which is Bill Parris, Ron Brockway, Craig Poe, William Dye, Tyler Ditzfeld and Nick Rowland.

Joseph Owens and his gaming group which had caught several mistakes in the trial version of the game and had many helpful suggestions, a few of which I have used. Also the gaming groups of Brian Robbins, Tim Morgan and Terry Brown for game testing and feedback.