U.S. Orders
For questions on International Orders, please see our International Orders page.

If you order 5 or more molds, you can take 10% off the cost of the molds.
If you order 10 or more molds, you can take 15% off the cost of the molds.
If you order 15 or more molds, you can take 20% off the cost of the molds.

The discount must be subtracted before the shipping cost is added.
To qualify for the discount, the molds must be all shipped on the same day to the same address.

Please note that our shopping cart does not charge your credit card at the time you place an order. We will charge your credit card and send you a confirmation e-mail within 24-48 hours.

Shipping Costs
There are many cases when we can fit more molds into a box or envelope than what is shown below. If you want to add a couple more molds without increasing the shipping cost, send us an e-mail at bruce@hirstarts.com telling us which molds you want to add. Then we can tell you if the extra molds can fit.

The costs shown here are only for shipping inside the U.S. For questions on International Orders, please see our International Orders page.

All orders are shipped using Priority Mail and every package is tracked so that your mail carrier will scan the package before they put it in your mailbox. We ship your order the day after we receive it and it usually takes 3-4 business days for your package to arrive.

Shipping 1-6 molds
will cost $9.00.

This is because I can usually fit up to 6 molds in one padded flat rate priority mail envelope.

Shipping 7-26 molds
will cost $16.00.

This is because I can usually fit up to 26 molds in one medium flat rate priority mail box.

Shipping 27-40 molds
will cost $22.00.

These will be shipped in a large flat-rate box.

Shipping over 40 molds will vary depending on how many boxes or envelopes are needed.

If you need overnight or express shipping, please call us at (660) 827-1685. Express shipping costs $27.00 to ship from 1-5 molds. For most locations you will get the package the next day.

How to Place an Order
  • For quick and easy ordering with your credit card, use our Online Shopping Cart.

  • You can call in your order and credit card information. My home-based business phone is (660) 827-1685. Please call me (Bruce Hirst) between 10am and 8pm central time.

  • If you would like to use Paypal, see our Paypal Information page.

  • For mail orders Please send me:
    1. Your name and address.
    2. The mold # and description of the mold(s) you want (shown on the molds page).
    3. Your Credit Card information or a money order made out to "Bruce Hirst" to cover the cost of the molds plus shipping. Mold costs are shown on the molds page. Include your e-mail address with your order, and I'll notify you the day I receive it. We do not accept personal checks.

Mail your order to:
Hirst Arts
710 West 7th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301

The MO in our shipping address stands for the state of Missouri. If sending money using Western Union, please be sure to send the money to Missouri. We have had trouble with people sending money to Montana or other states that start with the letter "M". If you send the money to a state other than Missouri, you will have to contact Western Union to have them change it before we can receive the money.

  • You can send money using Western Union. Check their website at www.westernunion.com. They have offices in just about every city in the US.

  • You can send a "MoneyGram" money transfer. Check their website at www.moneygram.com. Most Wal-mart stores are able to send and receive a Moneygram.

If you have questions, or are hesitant to send money to a stranger on the internet, feel free to e-mail me at bruce@hirstarts.com or call me at home from 10am to 8pm central time at (660) 827-1685.

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