Town & Village Gallery

Wizard's Potion Shop

By: Dehelmsman


The roof was made using molds #240 and 220.

The house was made using molds #71, 75, 701 and 210.

The wood and furniture, chests and pots were made using molds #57. 58 and 59.

The potion bottles are made using dressmakers pins and beads.

A Church to be Built

By: Alabastero


this model is part of my Freebooters Fate terrain collection. It belongs to a bigger, 17th century Caribbean style town, but I tried to keep it as universal as possible.The size of the base is 27x35cm. The highest point of the scaffold is 17cm. The scale is 28mm.

One of the most successful things was to color the wooden parts before putting them in place. I used watered down acrylic paint (around 4:1) and bathed all the wooden parts in it. It saved a lot of time and looks more realistic.

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