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Laboratorium Malum Plantae

By: Matt Leahy

Description: This was made for the Lead Adventure Forum 'Build Something' contest. This year's theme was 'Ill Advised", so I decided to make the Space Hulk dangerous plant repository that I'd had in mind to do for years now.

As was the case with the escape pods, I used quite a lot of Hirst pieces from several different molds, with a lot of other components and some scratch built stuff.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault 3D

By: Knightwatch Games

Finished Product: The Star Wars : Imperial Assault 3D project converts every published 2D map tile from Imperial Assault game into the 3D version.

There are currently over 200 tiles, ranging from simple hall pieces to large rooms, such as the trash compactor and Star Destroyer command bridge. More information can be found at Our favorite version has a dark-grey color scheme that transports players straight into the Star Wars universe.

Modular Sewer System (Phase 1)

By: Brodymeister Meisterbrody

Construction Time: November 2014 - Present

Primary Molds: 70, 701, 203, 260, 321.

Secondary Molds: 272, 273, 74, 80,

Space Hulk

By: Willypold

Construction Time: Two and a half years.

Mold Used: Almost all of the Sci-Fi molds, particularly the 1.5 inch floortile molds, the Industrial Edge mold, and the Machinery molds, and the Small Pipes mold.

Construction: This project consists of two sets of tile sections. The Space Hulk part is a set of rooms and corridors for the 2nd edition of Space Hulk. The Room Builder part consists of separate wall, corner and floor sections to build free-form rooms, and also the wide corridors used in the Space Hulk 1st edition expansions Genestealer and Death Wing.

Space Hulk

By: Etienne, from Montreal

Comments: This was a huge tedious project and most of my friend didn't believed that I would ever finish it.

But after more than 3 years my final version is finally here with all the pieces from the original Boardgame and all it's extensions.

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