Sci-Fi Building Gallery

Title: Death Star Trench.
Models used: Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games.

By: Alberto Sánchez Vélez (Dr. Metalurgico).

Web site: You can view many more photos of this and his other projects here.

To the left you can see photos of the main molds he made by assembling various Hirst Arts sci-fi pieces plus a few others (I think I see a grate door from an Egyptian mold in there).

Then he was able to cast large sections to quicky cover his gaming table.

Title: Mos Eisley / Sci Fi Desert project.
Also shown: Elevated Landing Project.

By: Azrikel

Web site: You can view many more photos of this gigantic project on our message board here.

Title: Sci-fi Building

By: Athanadros

Construction: This building is lighted on the inside and is made from a combination of Hirst Arts molds and other materials. If you look closely, you can see many of the blocks used in interesting ways.

Web Page: You can view more photos of this project on our message board here.

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