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Surface to Air Defense System (S.A.M.S.)


Inspiration: Games Workshop 40K Table Top Battles.

Molds Used: Molds 320, 321, 326 and 327.

Material Used: Smooth-cast 300 casting resin and Rare Earth Magnets to give range of motion.

Tea Light

By: Chris Eades

Information: The removal of the lid and addition of a glass bowl has turned the incence cone burner into an aromatherapy oil burner.

The heat from a tealight candle is negligible and doesn't effect it the acrylic paint.

Morningstar Defense System

By: Gene Elsner

Information: I really love these (Star Fortress) molds. Enough so that for the first time I actually made something that was not on the project list.

In looking at the half sphere of the generator I wondered what I would end up with if I tried a full sphere. To add stability I drilled and pinned the globe to the tower using a small pin vise and wire.

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