Inn Gallery


By: Stevie Hoy

Construction: Uses molds #224, 225, 226, 227 and 263.

The two builings in the foreground are made from the molds.

Most of the crates, barrels and chests are also from the molds.

The Green Bottle Inn

Home of the Broken Green Bottles Gang. Sometimes the Inn is the start of an adventure, sometimes the Inn IS the adventure.

By: Marxanthius

Construction: The inn was originally a cardboard cut out we had used for 10+ years, so it was time for it to grow walls and some scenery.

The board is sits on measures 2' x 2', with the inn covering the majority of the board and a stables in the back.

The interior has a bar area, kitchen (fully stocked), stairs (with hidden room), hearth, stage area and two washrooms (pretty clear who's is which). The stairs, and washroom parts are magnetized so they can be removed. This project has been an ongoing for at least 5+ years and as with any good project, it's never really finished as there is a whole second floor to make, and then finish the stables, and then a roof and then.......

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