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Super Dungeon Explore

By: Bum Yong Kim

Background: For continuity's sake, I considered using only the cavern molds but the nature of the game warrants variety.

I've used the same color for all of my floor pieces so that it ties the thing together. Also, all of the transition pieces are made using the fieldstone blocks so that too will tie the pieces together.

HeroQuest Dungeon

By: Deuc

Molds Used: #204, #295, #267.


Background: This project was my first experience with the Hirst Arts molds. I started initially to build some basic rooms and as I was progressing, I ended up by building the whole HeroQuest board. Once it was done, walls and advanced thematic rooms were added. It was great fun and I still enjoy extending this dungeon whenever time permits.

Wrath of Ashardalon 3D project

By: Jonte

Background: Whats a little bit restrictive is that all rooms are 4x4 tiles, which limits a bit what you can do with them. The games standard tileset contains quite a lot of tiles, so my idea is to make a few special customized tiles and add them to existing cardboardtiles, that way you wont know when a special tile is about to come up since the will look the same as the original ones on the backside.

On the Left: A custom cell-tile with an addon printout on the original cardboard tile.

Blood Bowl Stadium

By: Eric Decreux (TheMadFrenchman)


Construction: If you visit Eric's web site, he shows the steps used to construct this awesome project.

Heroquest Board

By: Jussi Jukka

Notes: This is my take on modular 3D HeroQuest. Most of it is made with Hirst Arts molds and cast plaster. Some decorations are cast resin.

1.5 inch square floors are modular and cast plaster backed with thin vinyl flooring mat. Doors can be placed anywhere on the map just as the walls (I made a lot of small wall pieces for door placement). Walls (1/2 inch thick) are placed between rooms so that they take about 1/4 inch from adjacent squares.

Dungeon is overpopulated with diverse miniatures. Some I have painted my self and some of them are painted by others far more talented painters. The led thingies I have made my self from transparent minis.

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