Fantasy Building Gallery

Title: The Basilica of Pelor

By: Bossman

Construction: The temple is made up of 28 separate sections being the main body, removable wall section, three separate flat roof sections, bell tower upper floor, 7 copper peaked roof sections, trapdoor cover, 12 louvered doors, and 4 other door pieces.

The basilica is made up of approximately 2,748 blocks.

Background (edited): The Basilica is essentially octagonal in shape with a central octagonal body and each side of the octagon holding a supporting structure. Six of these are worship alcoves, another the bell tower and the last the main entrance of the Basilica.

Rising from eight pillars in the heart of the Basilica is the main tower and dome. Each of the alcove abutments, along with the bell tower, is elaborately decorated with arched windows and arched recesses holding statues.

Title: Cathedral

By: Andrea Iennaco

Construction: The stained glass windows were made by printing the pictures on Hp transparent film. After cutting them I applied the windows with a drop of glue.

Title: Fang Tower

By: Mitch Michaelson / Terrainosaur

Title: Minas Tirith House

By: Gianpippo

Alexander Storch -I've set up a table for playing Mordheim using HA buildings exclusively.