Diorama Gallery

Store in Armadillo

By: Massi Del Bono

Description: There's a store in armadillo. The owner, old hamp mckendry, father of Ralph Mckendry has been running the old store for years.

This model is made of plaster and wood. I used molds #701, #225, #227, #251, #253, #58 and #59.

Sci-Fi Diorama

By: Holger


Mold #301 for walls, door and doorframe.
Mold #302 for door and wall.
Mold #303 for round edges and the ladders.
Mold #270 for ceiling tiles.
Mold #271 for hatches.
Mold #272 for the knobs as lamps.
Mold #273 for the floor.
Mold #326 for control panel, the walkway and cabels.
Mold #327 for machinery parts and computer panels, pipes and cabels.
Mold #321 is not in the sketch but I included some pipes.

The illustrations were made using the Sketchup program which you can find more information about here.

Egyptian Bath

By: Lady Sabelle

Time: 32 days

Dimensions: 14" x14" x 7.5"

Construction: This was one of my first Egyptian builds and only my second attempt at doing "water" following the instructions on the Hirst Arts site. After pouring the tinted Enviro Tex Lite, I almost died at the very green look to the water. I was sure the piece was ruined. Rather than scraping weeks of work, I pushed forward and finished the water. The end results proved to be better than I could have hoped for. The Egyptian molds are still by far my favorites.

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