Dice Tower Gallery

Lighthouse Die Roller

By: Vail Marston

Construction: Octagon Tower #63, Basic Block #40, Turret #61, Bridge #53, Gothic Dungeon Accessories #41, Roman Temple #62, Smooth Floor Tiles #202, Gothic Arena Accessories #42, Dragon's Inn #51.

The light enclosure is made from a spice jar with an LED tea candle for the light.

Rollin's Jacks

By: Gary Parker

Construction: The total size is 10"W x 12"D x 14"T

Twenty one different molds were used. I started with the foundation of the building so that I could line up all the drainage details to the house.

I wanted the ground floor front to look like it was just for show, as the ground floor had been re-modenized from a town-house to a working office/sewer jack quarters.

On the second floor (Rolling family quarters) I added a front a rear balcony just as design features. On the roof I added window because, this is now the sleeping quarters for the family.

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