Hirst Arts Design Derby
The Hirst Arts Design Derby (commonly known as the HADD) is a yearly building contest hosted by Scott Spieker on his web site called VoidGamers.

The next contest (HADD 12) will begin August 1st 2013, so be sure to
start working on your entries as soon as possible!

A few winners from HADD 11:

Belthrasí Tower

Ronjas Tower

Alchemical Laboratory

How the HADD Works
1. Build and paint a model out of Hirst Arts blocks. The building should be at least 70% made out of Hirst Arts blocks to qualify.

2. Take some photos of your model from various angles. You'll need to use a digital camera, because you're going to send the files to the Voidgamers web site.

3. Sign up on the Voidgamers web site here. It's free to sign up, and you can also upload photos of your work anytime for the everyone to see.

4. When the contest starts, upload your photos onto the Voidgamers web site (it's easy). The next contest (HADD 12) starts in August 2013.

5. Each contestant gets one vote per-catagory. However, you are unable to vote for your own entry(ies).

For a complete list of the Hadd Rules, you'll need to visit the HADD Rules Page. Hirst Arts is not responsible for the running of this contest, but we do supply the prizes.

HADD Prizes
1st Place: One free mold plus free shipping.
2nd Place: 50% off one mold purchase plus free shipping
3rd Place: 25% off one mold purchase plus free shipping

Each catagory will be awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Small Entry: Adding up the height, width and depth,
can be no larger than 20" total.

Medium Entry: Would be between 20" and 40".

Large Entry: Would be any project measuring over 40" total.

Restricted Category: Each year is different. For HADD 11, it was a working box such as a jewelry box, a desk caddy, a special tomb for prized miniatures. The restricted category for HADD 12 has not yet been determined.

If you have questions about the HADD that aren't answered on the HADD Rules Page,
please contact Voidgamers at webmaster@voidgamers.com.

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