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Wooden Door

Steel Door



Wooden Door Sections
1. For this you will need these decorative pieces. The door can be found on mold #71 (fieldstone accessory mold) and the spikes are on mold #80 (dragon's teeth accessory mold). The arches are already on mold #70.
2. Glue a 1 x 3 grid of tiles down to a piece of cereal box. Stack and glue 2 blocks on each side

Sand down 2 blocks (shown in red) and glue them against the sides. Place a door between these blocks to make sure there is room for one later on.

3. Glue the arches on top. Glue the spikes back-to-back and place them on top of the arch. Finish the top center with a flat tile.

The door should set loosely inside the arch so you can remove or open it any time you like. Painting instructions for the door are on the previous page of instructions.

Steel Door Sections
1. You will need 4 steel plate sections from mold #80 (dragon's teeth mold) to make this piece.
2. Glue the steel plates back-to-back and one on top of the other to make the door.

For the frame, glue a 1 x 3 grid of tiles down to a piece of cereal box. Stack and glue the blocks shown. Be sure the door fits loosely by placing it between the blocks while you build. When you paint the model, the door will be an even tighter fit.

3. Glue on the flat tiles shown in red. Also glue on a 2" piece across the top.

Paint the door solid black. Then dry-brush silver on top of it. You can even glue a thin piece of clear rigid plastic to the bottom of the door to help it stand on its own.

Dragon Arch
1. You will need the following pieces from mold #80, 2 dragon skulls, 4 pillar caps, 5 twisty pillars and 2 claw feet. From mold #71 you need two of the 2" arches. From mold #70 you need two of the largest arches.
2. Start with a 5 x 5 grid of floor tiles. Do not glue the tiles shown in red! They're just used to get the sides straight.

When dry, remove the red tiles and glue down blocks on the back corners as shown. Use a guide to help get the corners straight.

3. For the front corners, here's the first and second rows that go on. The second row includes large arch pieces from mold #70 turned upside-down.
4. These decorative pieces go together to create the arch. Set the arch where it belongs, glue the arch together, but don't glue it to the room!

You want to remove the arch later on so you can paint it. Also glue the dragon skulls down where shown.

5. Here's the finished painted room. Be sure to trim off the excess cereal box from the bottom before you paint it.

To make certain details stand out, I painted them a solid cream color. This includes things like the dragon skulls, claws on the feet, the spikes and the twisty pillars.

After you paint the room and arch separately, glue them together for the finished piece.

Pillartooth Hall
1. You will need the following pieces from mold #71, 3 pillar bottoms, 6 pillar tops and 3 pillars. From mold #80 you need 4 large teeth and four decorative caps.
2. Glue down a 3 x 6 grid of floor tiles to a piece of cereal box.

Also glue together the back wall as shown.

3. Glue the back wall onto the floor. Along the front, glue two 3" wall sections.

On the back wall, glue 3 column bases and 3 columns on top of them.

Glue the 6 column tops back-to-back to make 3 complete caps. Glue these to the tops of the columns, halfway overlapping onto the back wall.

4. On the front wall place four small flat tiles, the decorative caps and the large teeth. Move the outside teeth in a little. If they stick out, you may not be able to butt another hallway section against this one.

I used cream colored paint to highlight the pillar caps (and rings) and also the large teeth.

Largepillar Hall
1. From mold #70 you will need 2 of the largest arch pieces and 2 skulls. From mold #80 you need 3 spikes, 2 flat caps, 6 column pieces and 2 column bases.
2. Lay out a grid of 4 x 6 floor tiles. Do not glue the tiles shown in red.

When dry, assemble and glue the back wall as shown.

3. Glue the pieces along the front as shown.

On the back wall, glue the pillar bases and pillars.

4. Glue the remaining pillar pieces back-to-back. Now glue them on top of the pillars, overlapping the back wall halfway.

The front is finished with the 2 decorative caps, skulls and 3 spikes.

When painting this piece, I accented the pillar rings, spikes and skulls with a light cream color.

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